Sectors of Activity

Our Areas of Competence


  • Taps/fittings and valves
  • Precision mechanics
  • Automation
  • Measuring tools

Assistance on specific sector issues including commission payments, exports, accounting for inventories, transfer pricing.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare

  • Pharmacies and other healthcare store
  • Distributors pharmaceutical and other healthcare products
  • Manifacturers of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products
  • Medical practices and group specialist practices

Issues connected with day-to-day management, inheritance planning, investment and financing methods, issues relating to healthcare and authorizations.

Financial and Holding Companies

  • Leasing companies, online trading companies, credit brokers;
  • Special purpose vehicles, securitization, insurance brokers.

Managing affairs relating to the Bank of Italy, management of the Centralized Computer Archive (“AUI”), on-going relations and, transmission of balances, management of companies and permanent establishments.


  • Manufactoring
  • Trading

Assistance on specific sector issues.


  • Wholesalers
  • Retail
  • Distribution in Italy and abroad
  • Chains of stores
  • Franchising
  • E-commerce

Assistance on the opening of companies and permanent establishments for foreign parties.


  • Traditional textiles and other
  • Accessories and complementary products
  • Footwear

Assistance on specific sector issues.


  • Building firms
  • Property development /construction
  • Property management

Separate accounting, separate assets, management of VAT issues and reverse charges, tax optimization, specialized contracts (rental, sale, rent-to-buy).


  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution and sale

Assistance on contracts (obligatory written form, new payment terms, interest calculations) and specific sector issues.

Catering and Hospitality

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels

Licenses, changes in ownership, sale and purchase of businesses, companies and related transactions.

Professionals Practices

  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Engineering firms
  • Doctors

Issues relating to asset protection (trust funds, trusts), management of agreements for firms partnerships.

Publishing, Entertainment and Media

  • Publishing
  • Cinemas including multiscreen theaters
  • Clubs and discos
  • Graphics design and printing

Management of issues relating to the Italian Authors and Publishers’Association (SIAE), specialized contracts.

Private Individuals and Families

  • Individuals
  • Family groups

Protection of personal and family assets: inheritance planning, wills, succession planning, litigation, family agreements, trusts, family office.

Assistance with Investments: relations with Italian and foreign credit institutes/operators, private equity, fiduciary companies, planning-set up- management of “Family Holding Companies”.

Third Sector

  • Foundations
  • Associations, organizations
  • Voluntary services

Verification of scope/purpose and assistance in drawing up establishment deed, issue with the Region, Prefecture, management of affairs/paperwork.