Services of the Firm

The Caravati Pagani accounting firm is made up of valid professionals in financial, tax and corporate matters. We offer consulting services that turn out to be a real support to the entrepreneur, thanks to an efficient and resolving approach. The constant updating, the high academic training and the experience of our collaborators, make our accounting office an important reference point in the field. We work every day to offer concrete solutions to doubts, needs and difficulties that often affect those who run businesses or manage significant assets.


Services of the Firm

Tax Consulting
  • Explanatory advice, assistance relating to direct, indirect and substitute tax;
  • Tax and corporate law updates through our newsletters, possibility of customized training updates;
  • Tax litigation, appeals and assistance in front of the Revenue Agency and Tax Commissions;
  • Assistance on carrying out bureaucratic requirements.

Corporate Advisory Services
  • Advice on choice of most suitable corporate structure to meet clients’ needs, assistance in the start-up period and in day-to-day  operations, compliance, bookkeeping services;
  • Advice for relationship between  shareholders and company, planning and managing generational transitions and related litigation;
  • Implementing, and managing relationships with trust companies.

Special Operations
  • Turnaround, corporate restructuring, liquidation, conferment , mergers (M&A), company transformations and demerge;
  • Managing relations with Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, preparation of reports and business plans;
  • Abuse of rights.

Corporate crisis
  • Identification of the most suitable solutions, which must always be adopted quickly;
  • Consulting in turnaround processes;
  • Consulting in order to offer out-of-court solutions and restructuring agreements or to assist companies in accessing insolvency procedures.

  • Commercial contracts and commercial law;
  • Operating leasing, company lease , franchising, joint ventures, company and shares purchase agreements.

  • Financial statements and Consolidated financial statements in accordance with the Italian Gaap, Italian accounting standards (OIC) and International accounting standards (IAS, IFRS);
  • Bookkeeping services;
  • Setting up accounting systems and organization bookkeeping at the client; setting up of stock accounting.

Appraisals and Expert Witness
  • Valuation of Businesses and of branch, preparation of sworn expert appraisals for civil and tax purposes (contributions, revaluations, share swap);
  • Expert consulting for parties in arbitration and technical assistance in corporate litigation.

Audit and board of auditors
  • The Partners are legally qualified to act as Statutory Auditors, External Auditors and Supervisory Board members;
  • Preventive analysis and internal control.

Management Control

Accounting records, apart from being an informative obligation, contain a large part of the quantitative data of the economic life of a company. This information, if integrated with appropriate extra-accounting data, can become a real driver of entrepreneurial choices.

CARAVATI PAGANI is able to provide specific support for the implementation of a management control that can guide business decisions, through the creation of management reports and dashboards customized on the basis of company specifications. This service can be aimed at the implementation and training of company personnel, to make them autonomous, or as a periodic service.

Due diligence
  • Tax and financial due diligence (identification of risk areas and correct interpretation and application of regulations)

Business Management and Financial Consulting
  • Optimization of management and financial strategies, analysis of financial structures, ratios, preparation of budgets and business plans;
  • Management of Permanent Establishments for foreign companies;
  • Contact with parent companies, preparation of reports in different currencies and reporting packages;
  • Preparation of Social Reports and Sustainability Reports, assessment of ethic, social and environmental risks and opportunities;
  • Preparation and implementation of the organizational model in accordance with the Law 231;
  • Domicile of Italian and foreign companies at our offices in Arona, Milan and Gozzano.

Facilitations and notices
  • Communications and updates on the facilities in progress or soon to be implemented;
  • Communications and updates regarding calls for tenders in which the client may participate.

Computerized Services
  • Electronic domiciliation of the PEC – Posta Elettronica Certificata (REM – Registered Email) for clients at the firm. PEC activation, renewal, daily checking, management and archiving for 10 years (as required by article 2220 of the Civil Code).
  • Authorized intermediary for telematic transmission to the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency) and to the CustomsOffices;
  • Issue of Smart Cards for Electronic Signature;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Cadastral searches.