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Services of the Firm

Tax Consulting
  • Explanatory advice, assistance relating to direct, indirect and substitute tax;
  • Tax and corporate law updates through our newsletters, possibility of customized training updates;
  • Tax litigation, appeals and assistance in front of the Revenue Agency and Tax Commissions;
  • Assistance on carrying out bureaucratic requirements.
Corporate Advisory Services
  • Advice on choice of most suitable corporate structure to meet clients’ needs, assistance in the start-up period and in day-to-day  operations, compliance, bookkeeping services;
  • Advice for relationship between  shareholders and company, planning and managing generational transitions and related litigation;
  • Implementing, and managing relationships with trust companies.
Special Operations
  • Turnaround, corporate restructuring, liquidation, conferment , mergers (M&A), company transformations and demerge;
  • Managing relations with Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, preparation of reports and business plans;
  • Abuse of rights.
  • Commercial contracts and commercial law;
  • Operating leasing, company lease , franchising, joint ventures, company and shares purchase agreements.
  • Financial statements and Consolidated financial statements in accordance with the Italian Gaap, Italian accounting standards (OIC) and International accounting standards (IAS, IFRS);
  • Bookkeeping services;
  • Setting up accounting systems and organization bookkeeping at the client; setting up of stock accounting.
Appraisals and Expert Witness
  • Valuation of Businesses and of branch, preparation of sworn expert appraisals for civil and tax purposes (contributions, revaluations, share swap);
  • Expert consulting for parties in arbitration and technical assistance in corporate litigation.
Audit and board of auditors
  • The Partners are legally qualified to act as Statutory Auditors, External Auditors and Supervisory Board members;
  • Preventive analysis and internal control.
Due diligence
  • Tax and financial due diligence (identification of risk areas and correct interpretation and application of regulations)
Business Management and Financial Consulting
  • Optimization of management and financial strategies, analysis of financial structures, ratios, preparation of budgets and business plans;
  • Management of Permanent Establishments for foreign companies;
  • Contact with parent companies, preparation of reports in different currencies and reporting packages;
  • Preparation of Social Reports and Sustainability Reports, assessment of ethic, social and environmental risks and opportunities;
  • Preparation and implementation of the organizational model in accordance with the Law 231;
  • Domicile of Italian and foreign companies at our offices in Arona, Milan and Gozzano.
Computerized Services
  • Electronic domiciliation of the PEC – Posta Elettronica Certificata (REM – Registered Email) for clients at the firm. PEC activation, renewal, daily checking, management and archiving for 10 years (as required by article 2220 of the Civil Code).
  • Authorized intermediary for telematic transmission to the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency) and to the CustomsOffices;
  • Issue of Smart Cards for Electronic Signature;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Cadastral searches.