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The Firm

Studio CARAVATI PAGANI – Dottori Commercialisti Associati (Firm of Associated Chartered Accountants), founded in 1987, is an Independent professional multi-discipline firm organized by area of expertise. It is led by partners Edoardo Caravati, Piero Pagani and Filippo Caravati. The Firm offers Tax, Corporate, Business and Accounting advisory services with offices located in Arona (NO), Milan and Gozzano (NO), Nothern Italy

It provides qualified professional services not only to small/medium-sized companies but also to large groups and High Net Worth Individuals on tax matters.

Continual growth for over the last 25 years has endowed us with extensive experience allowing us to respond promptly and effectively to our Clients’ needs.

The current staff of about 50 employees, mostly expert Chartered Accountants, keeps pace with changes  through continuing professional development and boosts expertise in many different areas.

Thanks to a collaborative network with other professionals (lawyers, notaries, payroll services, auditing firms and private equity), CARAVATI PAGANI is able to fully meet its Clients’ needs.

The Firm operates from three different locations where it can provide its clients with meeting rooms with teleconference facilities and Wi-Fi, a private audio-conference centre and a Virtual Data Room.

  • Privacy and Security
  • Datacenter
  • Corporate Social Sustainability
Privacy and Security

We pay particular attention to data security and privacy of client’s data.

We have strong anti-intrusion systems, strict access policy, antivirus, firewalls, OTP devices and office rooms with badge-only entry.

We use both “Conservazione Sostitutiva” (Legal Electronic Archiving) and paper archiving (barcode automated) for client’s data.


We use leader-only products (HP, Dell, Cisco, VMware) in our Datacenter and up-to-date technology: internet, extranet, VPN and Leased Lines, virtual servers and virtual storage, VoIP, long term email archiving systems (Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliant).

Business continuity is one of our goal: all data is back-upped at least daily and most sensible data is also off-site replied. Our Datacenter is equipped with logging systems, video surveillance, smoke-intrusion-flooding sensors, dedicated air conditioning and more than 15 KvA of UPS.

Corporate Social Sustainability

As for Corporate Social Sustainability, we follow responsible relations with all the stakeholders: Clients, Consultants, Employees, Institutions, Community and Environnement.

We use Green Energy (100% produced with renewable) and hi efficiency devices, virtualization, inverter heating and air conditioning for a lower CO2 emissions.

With technology and “Conservazione Sostitutiva” (Legal Electronic Archiving), every year we use less toner and paper