Piero Pagani per la newco tecnologica ATOS Induction

CARAVATI PAGANI – Dottori Commercialisti Associati, with a team led by the partner Piero Pagani with the senior tax consultants dott.ssa Simona Zanet the company consultant dott.ssa Paola Poletti, assisted ATOS SpA and some industrial partners in setting up the startup ATOS Induction Srl, a company dedicated to activities in the field of heating techniques by electromagnetic induction. The operational headquarters will be in Turin.

ATOS SpA (link to their site) is one of the world’s leading players in the field of hydraulics, specializing in the design and production of components and systems for electrohydraulics, technology that integrates hydraulic and electronics. It markets its products with high technological content all over the world (over 70% of exports).