Caravati Pagani ranked among the top corporate firms

CARAVATI PAGANI and partner Filippo Caravati have been included in the selection of firms indicated in the 2021 edition of “The Best Lawyers and the Best Corporate Law Firms”.

Class Editori and PBV Monitor have recognized the Firm for the activity carried out in the field of tax advice and financial advice to companies.

The guide collects the excellence of professionals in the legal and financial sector as a result of accurate research carried out annually by PBV Monitor, big data analyst of MF Italian Legal Summit.


The second edition of “The Best Lawyers and the Best Corporate Law Firms 2021” has been published in recent days. The volume, focused on the main players in the legal sector, is realized by Class Editori in collaboration with PBV Monitor. It is a guide that offers the reader with an overview of the key figures in the consulting field. This year’s edition includes the Directory of 3,500 professionals and the ranking of the best lawyers and law firms based on 32 practices.

The printed magazine is distributed together with MF|Milano Finanza while the digital format can be downloaded from the website. In addition, through the Global Finance system in New York, the volume can be purchased worldwide.