The Chartered Accounting Firm CARAVATI PAGANI implements effective policies to go “plastic free” and limit an excessive use of disposable plastic at workplace.

In terms of environmental sustainability, its producer, 24Bottles®, is a leading business and carbon dioxide emissions due to manufacturing processes, as well as those resulting from transport and packaging operations were balanced thanks to the partnership with Treedom® and its international reforestation program.

Steel water bottles, as well as water dispensers at workplace, are part of a project whose purpose is trying to eliminate disposable plastic in our offices.

This represents a step forward to reduce pollution, as well as to promote recycling, that is part of our policy for a long time and it is a specific action to implement the green philosophy of the Chartered Accounting Firm CARAVATI PAGANI. We are sure that this will be a useful measure to raise our collaborators’, employees’ and clients’ awareness as regards all good practices to avoid any waste of natural resources.