Corporate, Management and Financial Consulting

CARAVATI PAGANI is a reference point for independent business and tax consultancy. Thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years and the skills acquired, it responds effectively to the various needs of its clients. It supports entrepreneurs in the protection and development of corporate assets, through customised solutions. Our Firm offers qualified management and financial consultancy services to assist Clients in making important strategic and financial planning decisions. In particular, the Firm’s team of experienced professionals is able to:

  • suggest how to optimise management and financial strategies
  • prepare budgets and business plans
  • assess the impact of extraordinary operations, including through the preparation of a Social and Sustainability Report, to better analyse any risks and opportunities.


We provide business consultancy to our clients to help them to improve their business activities. In order to do this, it is necessary to know the market scenario in which we operate. One of the advantages for an entrepreneur who turns to a business consultant is that he does not have to deal with it himself:

  • Keeping up to date with all aspects and innovations of the sector in which they operate;
  • to monitor the competition.

Our consultants never forget the centrality of the client: direct information is the most important element in implementing any strategy. For companies that request our consultancy, we conduct a critical examination to understand with them whether the objectives they have set themselves are achievable. We keep the theoretical models behind the economic sciences as a reference, helping clients to understand their benefits.


CARAVATI PAGANI assists its customers by providing financial advice in order to evaluate the company’s investments. The aim of this activity is to optimise investments and financing sources. Our independent financial advisors support each client in reviewing corporate financing and investment issues, suggesting the way to minimise the risks of such operations.

The primary object and objective of financial consultancy is therefore the immediate and future financial well-being of the company.


The management consultancy provided by our firm follows alongside the company’s management:

  • the definition of corporate objectives and action programmes;
  • the articulation of the company into organisational units;
  • the structure of operational and support processes;
  • the improvement and simplification of procedures and policies;
  • the identification of strengths and weaknesses;
  • the control and reporting of all company activities;
  • monitoring and improving performance;
  • implementation of corrective actions;
  • corporate training.

We are therefore involved in optimising company management, working alongside managers and entrepreneurs. CARAVATI PAGANI follows these aspects of management through two roles:

  • the management consultant in the structural management of a company,
  • the management consultant as a partner of top management or the company owner in the planning of the company organisation system.

Management consulting in times of crisis

Our firm’s management consultants play a key role in times of corporate crisis. We assist our clients to ensure that critical issues within or outside the company and the change actions implemented as a result become an opportunity for improvement for the company. Thanks to our consultancy, companies acquire the necessary tools to allow the advantage gained in overcoming the crisis to be lasting and sustainable.

CARAVATI PAGANI’s management consultants collaborate, where necessary, with lawyers, notaries and IT specialists who can help overcome specific critical issues.


The staff of our firm have expertise and experience in the international arena. Thanks to our deep knowledge of Italian tax matters, we can assist foreign clients in financial transactions to be carried out in Italy. We offer to foreign investors financial advisory services to guide them in their fundamental strategic and planning choices. The objective of international advisory services is to improve the company’s business thanks to our knowledge of the Italian market scenario.


What Studio Caravati Pagani can do for you
Studio Caravati Pagani offers its quality resources to address complex technical issues and to help companies create value and reduce risks. Our accountants provide specialised business consultancy in the various areas of company life, preparing a series of tools to support the entrepreneur and management, such as planning and management control, budget and cost analysis. The services provided are qualified and personalised, adapting the approach to the different temporal phases of the company life cycle.

In detail
Optimisation of management and financial strategies, analysis of financial structure, ratios, preparation of budgets and business plans.

Assistance with internal functional reorganisations

Preliminary examination of the impact of extraordinary operations

Management of permanent organisations on behalf of foreign companies.

Relations with the parent company, preparation of periodic reports in various currencies and package reports.

Drafting of Social and Sustainability Reports, analysis of ethical, social and environmental risks and opportunities.

Domiciliation of Italian and foreign companies at our offices in Arona, Milan and Gozzano.

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