Telematic services

Thanks to constant updating, CARAVATI PAGANI offers state-of-the-art telematic services. By using these tools, we are able to support our customers in the management of periodic communications and related practices, to be sent to the Italian Revenue Agency. These include, for example, requests for FiscoOnline activations and electronic invoicing.

The use of the latest technology in the service of the profession is something to which the firm devotes particular attention. We also offer the service of electronic storage of clients’ documents, with the possibility of independent consultation from outside.


We were one of the very first firms in Italy to be equipped with digital storage systems in accordance with the law. In addition, we use an EMS that has allowed us to develop best practices and particularly effective internal processes. We also make use of AI databases.

Thanks to the IT skills of our staff and the continuous updates we follow in this area, we can provide the highest quality of service and advice to our clients.

We call ourselves a digital accountancy firm, and this feature contributes to our flexibility and speed in every intervention. The use of telematic services helps us to guarantee maximum confidentiality to each client.

One of the best digital accountants in Milan

CARAVATI PAGANI was a finalist in the Digital Professional Award. This award from the Osservatorio Professionisti e Innovazione Digitale (Observatory of Professionals and Digital Innovation) of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano reconfirms our focus on the potential of technology in our work. As the Observatory attests, the technological and evolved professional can become a strength and a driving force for the company. This can happen for example

  • through electronic invoicing and management consulting;
  • identifying efficient corporate structures;
  • establishing relationships with lenders and investors;
  • networking with other professionals to provide integrated services.
  • Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for our corporate clients.


Today, there is much talk of ‘digital fitness’ as a business imperative. Not only do we have to understand debit and credit, but also SQL, pivot tables, cross-references, macros, encrypted files, .txt records, etc. The world of accounting and fiscal reporting for companies is moving towards a scenario that tells us

  • no more accounting, but data transfer;
  • no more tax returns, but electronic payments with direct debit;
  • no more preparation of financial statements, but XBRL filing.

Telematics services are a considerable help in our activity of drafting contracts, terms and conditions, privacy policy and consent for data management, newsletters for companies.


The digitalisation of CARAVATI PAGANI’s activities and the introduction of telematic services now facilitate relations with foreign customers. The rapid and easy access to documents and remote consultation in real time allow us to offer consultancy services at an international level. This allows us to relate to companies in other countries in a way that would not have been possible before. We assist foreign companies in operations that need to be carried out in Italy, with the possibility of improving their business thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Italian market.


What Studio Caravati Pagani can do for you
Studio Caravati Pagani’s objective is to be always close to its Clients, also accompanying them in their technological and educational growth. With this in mind, Studio Caravati Pagani offers its Clients electronic filing and management services for documents and invoices, as well as telematic payment of taxes and duties of all kinds. In addition, a service of electronic storage of customer documents is provided, with the possibility of independent consultation from abroad.

In detail
Electronic Domiciliation of clients’ PEC boxes at the firm. Activation, renewal, control, management and storage of clients’ PECs.

Telematic sending to the Inland Revenue through Entratel (qualified intermediary) and sending to Customs.

Issue of Smart Cards for Electronic Signature

Requests for FiscoOnline activations and SPiD credentials

Visits to Chambers of Commerce (including foreign ones, where available) and Land Registry archives

Fulfilments for supervised financial intermediaries (AUI, SID, PEC surveys)

Electronic invoicing to PA (B2G) and between private individuals (B2B)

Substitute storage service for customer documents with the possibility of independent consultation from outside.

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