The value of efficient contractual consultancy for companies

In the life of a company it is often necessary to stipulate contracts. CARAVATI PAGANI offers a valuable contractual consulting service and assists clients in the drafting of commercial contracts and commercial law. Our assistance covers all stages of the contractual process, from the initial negotiations to the final stipulation and any subsequent formalities. Contracts must be structured in such a way as to protect against the risks inherent in each agreement. It is therefore of paramount importance that they are drafted correctly from the outset. We undertake the analysis and preparation of commercial contracts for our clients in order to minimise business risks. By using this service, the company can also optimise its economic, financial and fiscal results.


Every contract, every deed, every writing needs careful technical assistance. The attention in the genetic phase of each contract and its monitoring are elements on which the profitability of the entrepreneurial initiative depends.
A company can avail itself of ad hoc consultancy in the drafting of contracts of various kinds. Contracts, deeds, private agreements, preliminary contracts may have as their subject matter, for example:

  • sale of goods and provision of services (contractual terms and conditions);
  • lease, comodato, rent-to-buy, purchase and sale of movable goods and services;
  • purchase, sale or exchange of companies or branches of companies;
  • agency, mediation, reporting;
  • sale of company shares, options, stock options;
  • transactions to be carried out in connection with extraordinary finance;
  • partnership and franchising contracts.

The advantages of consulting a contractual consultant

A contract commits the parties entering into it to a relationship that produces legal effects, in most cases over the long term. This has consequences for business life and operations that should not be underestimated. It is essential to clarify in the contract how each party operates and what they want to achieve by collaborating with the other. CARAVATI PAGANI supports the customer in the choice of contractual forms and assists him in negotiating, drafting, rewriting and assessing whether there are conditions for signing a contract. Our team of experts also takes care of the collaboration during the negotiation phase and the verification of the correct fulfilment of the obligations assumed by the other party.


Our Firm’s consultancy allows to identify and manage the different contractual forms suitable for each activity, thanks to the experience acquired in the various fields of commercial law.
The Firm’s professionals, more than 50 Chartered Accountants, Accountants, Lawyers and Doctors of Laws, deal on a daily basis with the heterogeneous issues required by the globalised economy. They operate in the complex and differentiated market thanks to over thirty years of experience gained in the field.


When it comes to contractual consultancy, it is necessary to rely on specialised professionals. Our firm will have the delicate task of assessing the economic and legal weight of the parties’ rights and obligations. Our team will also have to request the quantification and precise indication of generic and abstract expressions, as well as detect any contractual gaps. This is, of course, based on a thorough knowledge of the relevant legal sources, from the Civil Code to the most recent special laws.


When concluding a contract, the legislation of the country in which the contract is signed, and where it has its effects, is generally followed. The staff of our Firm can assist the foreign investor in signing contracts in Italy that comply with the rules, are advantageous and do not reserve surprises. The contribution of a consultant experienced in contract law at international level can guarantee foreign entrepreneurs an effective conclusion of contractual agreements with Italian companies. Our team of experts takes care of assessing for the foreign client whether the conditions for signing a contract in Italy are met. We take care of the negotiation phase up to the drafting of the contractual agreement.


What Studio Caravati Pagani can do for you
Our team of Chartered Accountants possesses a professionalism that, combined with over thirty years of experience, makes them a key figure in the field of contractual consultancy. It represents the ideal choice for companies and professionals who need continuous and accurate assistance at all stages of the contractual process. Our clients are followed through all the stages of negotiation: from the choice of the most suitable contract to the drafting of the contract itself, as well as in the delicate phase of its management.

In detail
Commercial contracts and commercial law.

Lease agreements, business leases, franchising, joint ventures, preliminary agreements and sales of companies, shares, stocks and real estate.

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