Tax consulting

A good tax advice allows companies to manage their resources better. This practice, in fact, translates over time in optimisation and saving of capital that can then be invested in other important aspects of corporate life. Tax planning is an activity of primary importance to protect the internal balance of a company and the proper conduct of the activity of a freelancer. Given the breadth and complexity of taxation matters, starting with the TUIR (Testo Unico delle Imposte sui Redditi – Consolidated Income Tax Act), it is essential to seek the help of a qualified consultant in order to better manage all related issues.

What is tax advice?

Tax advisors have the role of supporting companies, corporate groups, entities and individuals:

  • assisting them in monitoring and interpreting tax and fiscal legislation;
  • keeping themselves up-to-date on the directives for the optimisation of the tax burden and developing strategies to minimise the tax levy;
  • providing training services to their clients.

Italy is a country with an extremely complex tax system. The tasks of a good tax advisor, therefore, cannot be limited to the preparation of tax compliance. It is essential to have the ability to direct clients towards the most appropriate solutions to tax-related problems, proposing the most efficient strategy. Tax experts also have the professional task of informing the entrepreneurs they assist about the continuous legislative reforms. The professionals at CARAVATI PAGANI keep themselves continually updated on national and international tax and fiscal matters, which are constantly evolving.

Our specialisations for optimal tax advice

CARAVATI PAGANI places its competence at the service of its clients and their specific needs. We cover all areas of tax consultancy and have gained 30 years’ experience in all sectors. We are able to deal with all aspects and issues related to tax and fiscal matters, in support of small, medium and large enterprises. Our professionals form specialised teams composed of:

  • experts in tax law
  • tax planning experts
  • tax compliance experts;
  • taxation experts.

Updating in each area of expertise is also achieved through the participation and organisation of conferences and working tables with authoritative bodies in the sector.

Personalised tax advisory services

We offer our clients a highly profiled tax advisory service. In order to guarantee a personalised consultancy service, we require:

  • an in-depth study of tax and fiscal legislation;
  • the study of possible reductions and deductions related to each tax;
  • assessment of the tax influence of the taxes on the individual company components.

CARAVATI PAGANI professionals coordinate knowledge of local tax management practices with a detailed comprehension of global taxation. We understand the complex ways in which domestic and foreign tax systems interface with each other. Our firm will:

  • choose the most suitable solutions for entering into contracts with customers, suppliers, employees and contractors;
  • analyse individual work, organisational and economic situations and their tax burden on company income;
  • prepare any appeals and manage disputes;
  • managing issues related to relations with countries with privileged taxation.

Taxation of extraordinary transactions

A special mention should be made of all those transactions that are considered extraordinary, such as mergers, demergers, transformations, liquidations, disposals, acquisitions, restructuring and turnarounds.

Extraordinary operations represent a challenging moment for a company, as many critical aspects must be dealt with quickly and competently. CARAVATI PAGANI provides essential support for an overall evaluation of the extraordinary transaction in terms of its fiscal impact.

Tax advice for foreign investors

What can CARAVATI PAGANI do for the foreign investor? Italian taxation is highly diversified and the laws relating to taxation in Italy are many and complex. Legislation can vary considerably, for example, depending on the type of company and the sector to which it belongs. Only a tax consultant with international experience and competence can guide foreign investors through the world of Italian taxation. Using our team of international tax experts will allow clients interested in investing in Italy to do it in the most advantageous way, without making mistakes.


What Studio Caravati Pagani can do for you
The deep knowledge of the matter allows the Firm’s Accountants to collaborate with the Client in tax planning in order to monitoring their own activity. The assistance will cover all aspects of taxation, even the most demanding. Our team provides real support to companies and individuals on tax deadlines, effectively managing any disputes with the Public Administration and collaborating on foreign operations, with promptness and precision in fulfilment of obligations.

Tax planning for Companies, Enterprises, Self-employed and Individuals.

Interpretative opinions, assistance on direct, indirect and substitute taxation.

Tax and company information also with the help of update circulars and the possibility of customised training.

Tax Litigation, preparation of appeals and assistance before Tax Offices and Tax Commissions. Tax Commissions.

Completion of formalities at public Offices.

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